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Google releases Android 14 5.1 beta with new bug fixes

Google releases Android 14 5.1 beta with new bug fixes

a Google Released a small software update Android 14. It comes with an extension Version 5.1 beta, which arrives to fix bugs and does not add new features to the operating system. At the outset, you must remember that the company has revealed that Beta 5 will be the last tests.

Well, this news does not mean that the company has gone backwards, because this type of update is not considered as important. Likewise, this type of action has been taken during the company’s firmware update cycle for the past year.

In all, there are four bug fixes arriving with this new update, which go to UPB5.230623.005 for Pixel phones and UPB5.230623.005.A1 for Pixel Fold and Tablet models. A corrected bug was that a white screen appeared after unlocking the device.

The bug that caused the system to fail to detect the SIM if FDN features were enabled was also fixed. Also, a small performance bug caused by a feather-style live wallpaper in the Pixel Fold has been fixed by disabling the feature, but it will be enabled again when adjusting other details.

Interruptions caused by standalone 5G mode have also been fixed with this new beta. Owners of the following devices can now update with the August security patch:

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