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Aid of R$1,000 issued by Caixa today (01/10)

Aid of R$1,000 issued by Caixa today (01/10)

the Caixa Economica Federal It continues to be of great help through its digital microcredit streamlining program for entrepreneurs, SIM Digital. Currently, customers can access Aid of R$1,000.

Microcredit was launched with the aim of serving individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs). Caixa reported that the A new aid worth one thousand Brazilian realswhich started this year, is currently serving millions of workers.

The value of small loans amounts to R$ 3 billion, to be drawn from the Stoppage Compensation Fund (fgts). The Caixa Microfinance Guarantee Fund (FGM) is responsible for implementing the program.

Small loan of R$1,000 via CAIXA

It is important to stress that the Brazilians can count on two options, which can be chosen according to the criteria of each contractor. paying off:

  • individual. This method will give access to a balance of up to R$1,000. The interest rate will be 1.95% per month, and the loan can be divided into 24 months. It should be noted that even those who are negative can get the program loan;
  • legal entities. Small individual entrepreneurs (MEIs) benefit here. The balance issued to this group can be up to R$3,000. The number of installments is the same as that specified for individuals, 24 months, and with interest slightly higher than the installments of the first group: 1.99%. Also in the case of MEIs, only entrepreneurs with total annual revenues of up to R$360,000 can participate in the microcredit program.

How do you apply for assistance?

Initially, individuals could request assistance of up to R$1,000 through their cell phone, through Caixa Tem. Those who want to rent the service just follow the instructions automatically. However, the release analysis should take an average of 1 week.

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In the case of legal entities entitled to microcredit, ie MEIs, recruitment can take place in the physical branches of Caixa.

Can negatives be applied to the loan?

Citizens with dirty names will be able to apply for a small loan of R$1,000 or R$3,000. You will have access to loans, including those with a bad (negative) name, in credit analysis institutions, such as Serasa and SPC Brasil.

How to apply for Caixa Team?

After downloading the application, the user must perform a registration update in Caixa Tem. For this, the application requires the user to scan an identity document, send a “selfie” and report the monthly income.

In the case of MEI, credit must be requested at agencies. To be appointed, a citizen must have an account with Caixa, have more than 12 months of billing as a MEI and provide proof of residence, personal and company documents.

How to apply?

Interested citizens can apply for microcredit through the application. his box, with a few clicks on your cell phone. Just update the app and request the service. The contracted amount must be credited to the digital savings account within 7 working days.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to get microcredit through Location From the box below:

  1. access the Caixa website through a browser;
  2. Then click on “access account”; or
  3. Click “Register” if you do not have access yet.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and click “I agree”;
  5. Now, enter your full name, your own CPF and your date of birth
  6. Once done, click Continue;
  7. Fill in your Caixa account details, such as branch, account type, account number, and card password;
  8. Finally, enter your login and password and click Confirm.