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The UK makes it illegal to use passwords like ‘12345’ on devices;  understand

The UK makes it illegal to use passwords like ‘12345’ on devices; understand

Passwords with weak or insecure patterns such as “12345” or “admin” are no longer accepted on smart devices in the United Kingdom. The region recently introduced legislation to regulate new minimum safety standards for technology manufacturers, with the aim of protecting consumers. The new set of measures requires that even the smallest Wi-Fi card has a random password, or at least that the user creates one at startup.

With the new regulation, countries that make up the United Kingdom are the first to ban standards that have a low level of security for IoT products. Manufacturers who violate the new rules face fines of up to US$12.53 million, or R$64 million, or 4% of their global revenue – whichever is greater.

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Passwords with weak or insecure patterns such as “12345” or “admin” are no longer accepted in the United Kingdom. – Photo: Reproduction/Marcella Franco

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In practice, manufacturers of IoT products are forced to protect their Internet-connected devices against attacks by cybercriminals. In fact, based on this metric, manufacturers cannot provide transparent default passwords to users.

In other parts of the world, predefined passwords such as “admin”, “password” and “12345” are often used on routers and even home security devices such as video doorbells and alarms. Known and easy to guess, these patterns can be easily used by hackers to steal data or deploy viruses.

Be careful when creating your password

Although no legislation of this kind is expected to come into force in Brazil, it is important for users to change all pre-defined passwords on their smart devices. It is worth noting that in many cases, these patterns are the same in all products manufactured by a company, which makes password calculation even easier. For example, if two people who don’t know each other buy the same router, the keywords will be the same if there are no changes.

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Therefore, to protect the integrity and privacy of your network, it is recommended to avoid obvious patterns such as numeric or letter sequences, names or birth dates. Instead, use specific words that only you or your family know and that no one else understands.

Another suggestion to increase security is to use different characters in your password. In addition to letters, it is best to mix numbers with symbols. Finally, don’t repeat the same pattern in different IoT products, if someone hacks one of the smart devices, the chances of hacking all the others may be less.

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