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AI turns Friends characters into Pixar cartoons!

AI turns Friends characters into Pixar cartoons!

In recent weeks, many debates about artificial intelligence have emerged around the world. While there are some annoying issues, these techniques can be a lot of fun when used properly.

The artist ‘the_ai_dreams’ used the help of artificial intelligence to create one of his works. As everyone knows, Pixar is one of the animation studios responsible for some of the most exciting movies ever made.

the_ai_dreams decided to fuse the studio’s animation style with one of the biggest hits on TV: Friends.

It is unlikely that you have never heard of “friends”. Even if you’ve never seen the series, you’ve certainly heard of it.

The series premiered in the United States in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons, ending in 2004.

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Throughout its 10 seasons, “Friends” has garnered numerous awards, both for the series itself and for its lead cast. To this day, it remains very popular on streaming services and is currently available on HBO Max.

Recently, there was a 25 year run of the series that brought the six main actors together to share curiosities and relive memorable moments from the production.

Watch how artificial intelligence creates characters!

Although “the_ai_dreams” works with many characters, modified in various ways through artificial intelligence, the Friends characters in the Pixar format was one of the artist’s works that caught the attention of the public. See how they transformed!

Ross Geller

Source: @the_ai_dreams / playback.

Rachel Green

Artificial Intelligence - Rachel Green
Source: @the_ai_dreams / playback.

Joey Tribbiani

Artificial Intelligence - Joey Tribbiani
Source: @the_ai_dreams / playback.

Phoebe Buffay

Artificial Intelligence - Phoebe Buffay
Source: @the_ai_dreams / playback.

Monica Geller

Artificial Intelligence - Monica Geller
Source: @the_ai_dreams / playback.

Chandler Bing

Artificial Intelligence - Chandler Bing
Source: @the_ai_dreams / playback.

Logically, the artist made the backdrop for the famous cartoon “Central Perk”, the coffee shop where the characters constantly appear from the first scene of the series, and where some of the best scenes took place.

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In addition to this art, it is interesting to see the ability of artificial intelligence to create such beautiful images. It should be noted that many parts of the shapes were modified and worked on by “the_ai_dreams”, and that artificial intelligence alone was not sufficient to create the images shown above.