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Football may have helped bring Prince William and Prince Harry together

Before meeting Meghan Markle, Prince Harry quarreled with William and Prince Charles’ gift returned, says the book

The cracks in the British royal family appear to have been in place long before Meghan Markle came into Prince Harry’s life. According to the book The House of Windsor – The Truth and The Turmoil by journalist Tina Brown, the king had already had problems with his family and felt, at times, that he was left aside.

The Daily Mail published excerpts from the work, some of which even reinforced the atmosphere of chaos among Diana’s children.

There were always tensions between the two brothers, which escalated due to professional disagreements. William had always known that he had to respect the hierarchy regarding his father’s initiatives on environmental issues, but he did not accept the same with regard to his brother.

Harry and William had serious fights, and Diana’s youngest son became considered an angry person.

Harry was a very, very angry man. He and William definitely had some Homer fights. It also doesn’t help Harry’s shit in public. When William was going to give a speech, everything needed to be written down, from the beginning (…) Harry, on the other hand, is very similar to Prince Philip, he always knew how to relax.

In 2014, this alleged behavior by Harry upset his then-girlfriend Cressida Bonas. According to the work, she asked the king to look for a healer from MI6, British intelligence. Harry refused and they both ended up after a short time.

The news of the breakup would have shaken the royal family, who have welcomed the relationship.

Another interesting point in the book deals with the situation that occurred when Harry turned 30. Prince Charles had ordered a bespoke suit for his son, but surprise ended up being unsatisfied.

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When the suit arrived, one arm was shorter than the other and one leg shorter than the other. Then he would put it back in the same box, which seemed similar to their entire relationship.