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AI is being used to improve the accuracy of Covid-19 tests

AI is being used to improve the accuracy of Covid-19 tests

UK researchers have developed an affordable, portable device that improves the accuracy of testing for infectious diseases, particularly Covid-19. The VIDIIA Hunter (VH6) platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze exam results and avoid mistakes.

The research was carried out by scientists from the University of Surrey, Brunel University London and Lancaster University in collaboration with the NHS, GB Electronics (UK) Ltd and Vidiia Ltd. Scientific article available in English. In this connection.

What is VH6?

The VH6 platform integrates two components: the RT-LAMP molecular technique, used in virus detection experiments, and an AI learning model. It is designed to identify variants of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases and provide quick and accurate results.

The handheld test connects to a cell phone app and test information is displayed graphically within 30 minutes. Data is automatically stored in the cloud and can be easily accessed. In addition to practicality, the device is inexpensive.

Figure: Frontiers in Molecular Biology

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VH6 can also be used in animal health care. According to Muhammad Munir, Professor of Virology and Viral Zoonoses at Lancaster University, the technology is a significant advance in medicine:

Combining LAMP technology with advanced AI modules enables earlier, more reliable and cost-effective detection of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and has potential for disease diagnosis in humans and animals, making it a tool of significant clinical importance.

Muhammad Muneer Medical Express

VH6 Precision

  • The research team used 150 positive Covid-19 and 250 negative swab tests to assess the accuracy of VH6.
  • Samples had a range of viral loads.
  • The device is highly accurate, with a detection rate of 98% and a specificity of 100%.
  • Also, it has detected all the coronavirus strains circulating in the UK since December 2020.
  • The technology has the potential to detect other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and dengue fever.
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Aurore Poirier, co-author of the study, highlights that the device could be a valuable tool for many medical centers:

VH6’s portability, speed, accuracy, and affordability enable close examination of patients in all laboratories and healthcare settings, including those with limited resources. VIDIIA Hunter therefore has the potential to help control future outbreaks.

Aurore Boyer for Medical Express

VH6 has been granted approval for medical use in the UK under the UK Health Security Agency’s Medical Devices Regulations (CTDA) 2022.