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After criticism from Voevoda and Galhardo, Cisporti appears in Castelao Park

After criticism from Voevoda and Galhardo, Cisporti appears in Castelao Park

Arena Castelao was subjected to criticism again last Sunday evening, the ninth, after Fortaleza’s 1-0 victory over Atletico-PR. Coach Juan Pablo Voevoda, at a press conference, and striker Thiago Gallardo, at half-time, both professionals from Liao, complained publicly about the situation on the pitch.

Thiago Gallardo has made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the state of the pitch at Gigante da Boa Vista. During his speech, the striker stressed the anterior cruciate ligament injury suffered by Hercules, who trapped his foot on the field while scrambling for the ball with an athlete from the Hurricane. The severity was such that Wheel would need to undergo surgery, which would take about nine months to recover.

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“I have to complain again about the pitch, it’s no excuse, they took a player (Hercules) away from us, they said it wasn’t anything serious, but they have to make a substitution, stop, they lost a player for us. It’s no excuse, we’re used to Castelão, But it’s tough.’We’re training on a very good pitch to get here and play, it’s complicated,’ Gallardo said.

Vojvoda, in a post-match press conference, commented on the matter. For a coach, the stadium must be able to keep up with the growth of Fortaleza and it is necessary to continue the improvements to reach a satisfactory level.

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“We have to continue working on improvements in the Castelão stadium. I demand a lot that Pici Park be good, and here too. Fortaleza, as a city, has a stadium like Castelão, which is very beautiful to play in, and this stadium needs a good pitch. Vojvoda commented, “Fortaleza Grow and Castelao must grow.”

It should be noted that the Arena Castelao stadium underwent a renovation process that lasted about three months in order to promote several improvements. The first match was played after the launch of the sports arena on March 2nd, and since then, 28 more matches have been played, bringing the total number of matches to 29 in this time period.

Sports Minister expressed

In the face of criticism from the professionals of Fortaleza and the serious injury suffered by Hercules, he got up People’s sport The Minister of Sports (Sesporte) was looking for a position. In a note, it was reported that Arena Castelão undergoes daily turf maintenance.

“The Sports Secretariat (Sesporte) informs that the maintenance of the Arena Castelão park, which is carried out by the Supervisory Authority for Public Works of Ceará (SOP), follows a daily schedule that includes fertilization, cuts and marking of the field, commensurate with the agenda games”.

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In another part of the statement, it was revealed that enhanced maintenance will be performed during downtime due to Data Fifa. “During this period, there have been: occasional replanting in the small north area and north and south corners; vertical and spiral cuts; foliar and organic sprays; best dressing at local points,” he explained.

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“In June, during a 13-day break without matches, maintenance was stepped up to ensure a better restoration of the field of play. These works to improve the fixing and covering of turf are carried out when there are conditions for at least 10 days without a football schedule in the arena,” the note concluded. sports.”

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