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Video: Images from Ponte Brita surveillance cameras show bus attack |  Black bridge

Video: Images from Ponte Brita surveillance cameras show bus attack | Black bridge

Between the collapse of the containment panels and the departure of the bus, at 11:06 p.m. the work of approximately 30 people began recording cameras and lasted four minutes.

It is possible that in one moment you will see someone involved in throwing a stone at the bus, as the video recorded by the players inside “Gorilão” has already shown.

Another camera, closer, captures more details of the confusion, such as kicking and punching individuals on the bus body, as well as dispersal of saboteurs after the arrival of a security body larger than the club.

Cameras show actions against Ponte’s bus – Photo: EPTV Run

From this angle, you can also spot some faces of those who took part in the attack. The photos have already been made available by Ponte to the authorities.

The investigation will be carried out by the Tenth Police Department in Campinas. Vigne Locatelli recorded a police report about a physical injury while on duty in the 1st Police District, dawn Monday to Tuesday. He also underwent an official medical examination.

Ponte filed another police report on damage to the bus – it was recorded in the 10th police district of Campinas.

Not everyone was on the bus when the weather had warmed up.

The delegation was waiting for the last of the athletes when the containment panels fell.

The scariest of them, according to the reports received from those on the site, were the youth. Some wanted to get off the bus and run to the stadium.

Video filmed by Ponte Brita players from inside the bus showing the moment of the fans’ attack – Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

Most of them tried to throw themselves on the ground to protect themselves by simply throwing the first stones. Someone broke a glass.

And those in the back of the bus were the most vulnerable. President Sebastiao Arcango, Tiaozinho, was in the first seat next to coach Fabio Moreno.

The athletes’ collective movement, which published a rejection letter for the episode, showed the union between the two actors. As the players got angry and emotionally shaken, the internal fallout swept away the dawn.

The next day there were a lot of conversations, especially with the leaders of the group, such as Apodi, Camilo and Luizão, to try to circumvent the situation and provide support for the youth and the main targets of the charges, like the left – Yuri appeared, for example.

The band rehearsed on Tuesday afternoon, at Jardim Eulina CT. The team is still running on Wednesday before returning to the field early Thursday, against Mirassol, at 21:00, at Majestoso.