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Cansu says Deniz will quickly implement the coach’s style of playing in the national team |  pelleting

Cansu says Deniz will quickly implement the coach’s style of playing in the national team | pelleting

Midfielder Paulo Henrique Ganso from Fluminenseinterview with the program “Boleragem”, from sports on this monday. Asked about the difficulty in implementing Diniz’s playing style in a few days in the national team, Cansu said that on the first day, the interim coach of the Brazilian national team will already be able to do it.

Cansu talks about Deniz’s playing style in the national team

On the contrary, it’s faster than you think. The midfielder said that on the first day he was already able to deliver and implement this.

– They will be quality players, if he succeeds in getting the players to understand that, and he will succeed, we have everything to go back to to have a radical team. Game fans would love to see it. Beautiful and creative, where the decision-making is up to the player.

Ganso celebrates a goal at Fluminense Cruzeiro – Photo: Marcelo Gonalves/Fluminense FC

– And if he succeeds, we will have the Brazilian national team again – said Ganso, who added:

The player’s decision. It creates every possible way to get out and play. When he gets to the field, we have to improvise. It’s like a street game. Feel comfortable and learn faster than we can imagine.

Without being called up to the national team since 2016, Cansu joked with “Boleragem” commentators about the pressure the player is applying. Fluminense He could do to be picked by Fernando Diniz.

Gansu talks about expecting Deniz to call him

Asked why there are no players with the “number 10” characteristic in Brazilian football, Janso criticized the rule’s pressure on the “positional game”.

– The only thing that leaves me “like this” is watching the youth team match. You are watching a game and everyone is laid off. It’s all very tactical. It’s not like Brazilian football, creative movement, improvisation, it’s something very mechanical and static. We can improve this a little bit.

Fernando Diniz will lead the Brazilian national team on an interim basis until the end of the first half of 2024. The coach will combine the duties of selection coach and Fluminense. Cansu said he was happy with the appointment of the coach to the temporary position and his stay at the club.

Everyone was encouraging this to happen, especially inside the club, but they wouldn’t let him leave the club. Fluminense. Very happy he will continue with us. I hope he has a great career in the national team. He’s a different man. He’s had to talk, say some things (with the team), but we’re going into his second year at the club, we already know how to behave on the field, and I think it won’t be a problem to adapt.

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