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Botafogo: With a bureaucratic part to buy SAF "stuck", John Textor has postponed coming to Brazil

Botafogo: With a bureaucratic part to buy SAF “stuck”, John Textor has postponed coming to Brazil

Jon Textor will not be returning to Brazil now. The American changed his mind and postponed his arrival in Rio de Janeiro – the initial idea was to reach the Tobinquen territory on Monday. The reason is the bureaucratic part of the recent extension of the SAF sale Botafogo.

The American will not come to Brazil until everything is resolved. Eagle Holdings attorneys are still reviewing final contracts and the expected signing date has been pushed back. The trend was for Textor to complete a 90% purchase of Botafogo SAF early this week, when it was in Rio de Janeiro, but that would take a little longer.

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It is worth noting that this does not cause risks in the future of the business. John Textor will still own 90% of the shares of Botafogo SAF – not for nothing, he has already started taking internal actions at the club – but the signing of the final contract will be delayed. The American made the decision not to return to Brazil until all of that part was resolved.

Textor is currently in London with Durcesio Mello, president of Botafogo, and Eduardo Freeland, who will take care of Alvinegro’s youth teams. The trio will watch the Crystal Palace match against Chelsea in the English Premier League. Next, the businessman went to Belgium to catch up with RWD Molenbeek, the club that owns rights there.

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John Textor’s focus is on completing the agreement with Botafogo and, only then, returning to Brazil.