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Ex “Total broxa” Neymar case with Lula support in Ouro Preto – Gerais Café

Ex “Total broxa” Neymar case with Lula support in Ouro Preto – Gerais Café

Famous for her relationship with player Neymar and for being the alleged reason for his split with actress Bruna Marquezine, Bolsonari Larissa Oliveira, also a “digital influencer”, visited a café in Ouro Preto over the weekend and made a series of Instagram stories about the site.

At first, the former state would love the place, even describing it as a “nice and nice cafeteria” and “all delicious”, but Larissa gets uncomfortable when she sees posters supporting Lola, Dilma and Alhambra’s motifs on the machines. Then she filmed the details and expressed her impressions on the networks last Saturday (1). In 2022, the “influencer” offered several positions to support the candidacy of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

The garnishes and political intolerance caused the customer “total disgrace” and Larissa left the establishment with half of the order on the table, even though she stated it was delicious. “The chocolate was delicious, the cheesecake was delicious, but I totally lost it, right? He went away, left half of it and walked away. Don’t give people, I don’t mix them.”

During her stay in Solar do Rosario, Ouro Preto, Laryssa Oliveira also responded to the profile euMarinaMamede, on Twitter, through messages and video in stories. Marina posted videos and messages from the former Neymar, said that she frequented the cafeteria, defended the welcome of the owners, and criticized Larissa.

Follow Marina’s post on Twitter:

In the second video shot, Larissa says, “They are intolerant. They want us to revive the satanic cult, they want us to revive the family breakup, they want us to revive the thieves, they want us to revive the abortionists, they want us to revive this sexist thing and that you can Be anything you want “and he continues:” They can’t have a normal dialogue, like this: you say, answer, answer. At that time the woman said, “Ah, I don’t know what about Neymar,” so I said: “My daughter, are you a feminist with hairy armpits?”

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