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A special edition of the Starfield console was released – a work of art

A special edition of the Starfield console was released – a work of art

The gaming world has always been a mixture of art and reality technologyThe gaming experience is not limited to the pixels on the screen, but also to the devices we use to venture into virtual worlds.

A prime example of this fusion is the Starfield Edition controller, designed for Xbox Series This console is not just a piece of hardware, but a true work of art that enchants players with its beauty and charm.

More than control

Inspired by the game “Starfield” developed by the famous BethesdaThe Starfield Edition console is an accessory that captures the imagination at first sight. It evokes the feeling of being a space explorer, with meticulously designed details reminiscent of futuristic spacecraft technology.

Image: Microsoft/Bethesda/Reproduction

The console’s white top is the perfect palette to highlight the directional pad’s bronze metal detailing, which is reminiscent of the sophistication of a spaceship.

The translucent top buttons provide a view of the intricate bronze engines in action, creating the feeling that you are about to embark on an epic outer space adventure.

Versatility is one of the standout features of the Starfield Edition control. It is compatible with Xbox Series

This not only makes it more accessible, but brings players together in one game He controls Which everyone can appreciate.

Image: Microsoft/Bethesda/Reproduction

Customization is another feature of this controller, allowing players to remap buttons and create custom profiles to suit different types of games, from space adventures to shooters.

A 3.5mm stereo input allows you to connect compatible headphones, further deepening your immersion in the game world.

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Currently, units of this limited edition can be found for sale on Amazon, giving players the opportunity to experience a piece of the vast “Starfield” universe in their own hands.

About Starfield

“Starfield” developed by Bethesda is a new intellectual property that marked the studio’s famous foray into “Fallout” and “Sheikh Manuscripts“In the space RPG genre.

The game will launch as an exclusive title for Xbox and PC in 2023, and offers players the opportunity to explore a vast intergalactic landscape with numerous galaxies and planets.

Players’ choices greatly influence the narrative, and they begin as miners, customizing their characters and shaping their destiny. The gameplay experience offers first- and third-person viewpoints, collection mechanics, item modification, and exciting space battles.

Starfield“It has been praised for the quality of its combat system and the vast, explorable universe it offers players.