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Apple already sells USB-C chargers and adapters, and their prices are high

Apple already sells USB-C chargers and adapters, and their prices are high

Apple’s iPhone 15 line includes a new connector and therefore new accessories for the smartphone. The company is already selling some options to future consumers in its official store. As expected, they are expensive.

The USB-C connector adopted in the iPhone 15 line represents a change in the smartphone charging standard after years of using Lightning chargers. Therefore, anyone who has used an iPhone in recent years will need new accessories for their new smartphone.

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Apple does not include a wall charger in the iPhone box. So, anyone who wants a USB-C compatible model will need to buy it separately. It is on sale in the Apple online store for R $ 219.

Apple wall charger with USB-C connector. Image: reproduction

Another option is to purchase an adapter – which Apple also sells. To use Lightning cables on iPhones with USB-C port, the consumer will need to pay at least R $ 349, on the brand’s official website.

Lightning to USB-C adapter is available in the Apple Store. Image: reproduction

There are cheaper offerings launched by other brands, and given that Android devices already use USB-C, it won’t be too difficult to find a cheaper alternative than the ones offered by Apple.

A change in the iPhone 15 connector does not necessarily represent a change in the data transfer speed of the smartphone.

For example, the base model of the iPhone 15 is compatible with USB 2.0 – the same standard used in older Lightning cables that launched in April 2000. It offers a maximum transfer speed of 480 Mbit/s.

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