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UFPB’s “Science Tent” project confirmed at the opening of the Botanical Garden’s Environment Week — Federal University of Paraiba

UFPB’s “Science Tent” project confirmed at the opening of the Botanical Garden’s Environment Week — Federal University of Paraiba

On June 3, the Barraca da Ciência Extension Project, of the Center for Exact Sciences and Nature (CCEN) of the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), will participate in the opening of the Environment Week at the Benjamin Maranhão Botanical Garden, in João. Pessoa. Activities take place from 2pm to 4pm, and admission is free to the public.

The Barraca da Ciência project is an initiative of the Laboratory of Botany Applied to Agroecology at CCEN and aims to promote popular education, as well as stimulate dialogue on sustainability and science through hands-on activities using laboratory equipment. The focus is on bringing university knowledge to the community at fairs, schools and other public places, with the aim of spreading awareness of environmental issues.

In this edition of the event, Baraka will explore the world of plants, offering visitors an analysis of their structures. Furthermore, members of the UFPB Extension Project will display prototypes of technologies and products that contribute positively to the environment, in order to foster discussions on the role of technology in sustainability.

Professor Fernando Ferreira, project coordinator, highlights the importance of these activities to develop a critical sense of sustainability and the environment, and comments on how this experience can be positive for knowledge creation.

We believe that events such as these provide a unique platform to exchange knowledge, foster meaningful discussions, and inspire positive action for our planet. Furthermore, we are keen to exchange ideas and experiences, and demonstrate the valuable role of the university as an agent of transformation to create a more sustainable future for all.

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The project’s extension specialist, Cecilia Vieira, who holds a degree in Biological Sciences at UFPB, explains the importance of Barraca da Ciência as a facilitator to enable residents to access information in the academic field, and also comments on how this acquired knowledge raises awareness and educates people.

“Barraca da Ciência” is an essential project, because it facilitates access to information that is generally perceived in the academic environment and remains in the environment, inaccessible to the general public. Moreover, this moment allows students to use the knowledge gained on the subject to raise their level Awareness and education of the local community. The student said that this type of event is crucial because it reaches a large number of people and enhances awareness and interest in science in a comprehensive way.

The student also highlights the importance of female students participating in practical activities, especially in the fields of biological, social and environmental sciences.

“Having a dedicated space to discuss social and environmental education is very important, especially since women still face challenges in this field of activity. This project not only increases academic voices, but also promotes inclusion and gender equality, and encourages women’s active participation in issues Social and environmental.

For more information about the project, interested parties can access the Instagram profile @laboa_ufpb.

Text: Allen Ferreira
Reviewed by: Allen Lenz
Photo: Evelacio Filho