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Alkmene expects spending cuts: ‘Do more with less’

Alkmene expects spending cuts: ‘Do more with less’

At the event, organized by the Federation of Freight Transport Companies of São Paulo State, Alckmin also spoke about cutting costs and advocated “doing more with less.” “The government will make an adjustment to reach a zero deficit, and reduce expenditures. So, we are helping the president – Minister Haddad, Minister Simón – and we are also helping, reducing expenditures, making an adjustment on the expenditure side, which is what we have always done in São Paulo.” The vice president said.

We do not raise a tax. Always adjust the expenses side. Get more done with the same money, or even with less. Improving the efficiency of public spending. And then we eliminate the deficit and with monetary policy, strong fiscal policy, we will have cheaper interest rates.
Geraldo Al Ambush

Alkamen also talked about tax reform. According to the former governor of São Paulo, the government is “optimistic” about the changes. “It has the benefit of simplification. It completely exempts exports, completely exempts investment. So it stimulates exports and investment to grow. IPA studies show that in 15 years, it can increase GDP by 12%, and investments and projects grow by 14%.” He pointed out that exports amounted to 17%.

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