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WhatsApp meeting?  Messenger innovates and launches update for video calling;  Understands

WhatsApp meeting? Messenger innovates and launches update for video calling; Understands

WhatsApp unveils new video calling and screen sharing features. The updates promise to revolutionize the user experience on computers and mobile phones.

WhatsApp recently announced a series of new features for voice and video calls in the PC and cell phone version of the app.

These updates aim to improve the user experience by adding new features and improving existing features.

The changes promise to bring WhatsApp closer to other modern communication platforms. Find out more below.

New features in WhatsApp include improvements to voice and video calls. Learn about new features that make group communication easier. (Photo: Jane de Oliveira / Noticiadamanha.com.br).

What’s new in WhatsApp?

One of the most anticipated new features is the ability to share the screen with audio. Now, users can stream content from the device itself, including image and audio.

This functionality aligns WhatsApp with other communication tools such as Discord, Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom.

Screen sharing with audio It’s an important resource for meetings and presentations, making it easy to display documents and content directly on the interlocutor’s screen.

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Video calls with up to 32 people simultaneously

Another big update is Expand video calls to up to 32 people simultaneously. This increase in the number of participants is a direct response to the demand for large-scale communication tools, especially in an increasingly digital world.

With more people participating in calls, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to highlight who is speaking. The speaker will appear first on the screen, making conversations clearer and easier to follow.

Improve sound quality

WhatsApp also announced support for the MLow codec. This new encryption Improves call reliabilityproviding clearer sound and images in diverse communication conditions.

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This is especially important for users who experience difficulties with call quality due to unstable connections. New MLow codec It promises superior performance, ensuring that communications are clear and uninterrupted.

Additionally, calls made on mobile devices get an upgrade in noise and echo cancellation, making communication clearer.

Improvements in noise and echo cancellation are essential to ensure conversations are not interrupted by background sounds or echoes, providing a more professional and clean calling experience.

Morning news.

Video resolution improvements

Video calls on WhatsApp are also set for delivery Even higher resolution images When there is a good internet connection. This means that in addition to better audio quality, users will be able to enjoy superior video quality, making video calls clearer and more enjoyable.

However, the platform has not specified when these new features will be released to the general public. Meta, the company responsible for WhatsApp, indicated that the new features will be launched in stages.

Therefore, it is important that users keep the app updated so that they can access the latest features as soon as they become available.

Keep the app updated It is essential to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the new features and improvements that are constantly being implemented. Constant updating of the app not only brings new features but also fixes bugs and improves the security of the platform.

These WhatsApp updates reflect the continued evolution of users’ communication needs, incorporating features that are becoming increasingly essential in today’s digital environment. Whether for personal or professional use, new tools promise to make communication easier and make interactions more efficient and enjoyable.

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To summarize, key new features include:

  • Screen sharing with audio
  • Video calls with up to 32 participants
  • Highlight who is speaking
  • Improve sound quality using MLow codec
  • Better noise and echo cancellation on mobile devices
  • Increase video resolution on good connections

With these improvements, WhatsApp positions itself as a more powerful tool for communication, catering to the personal and professional needs of its users.

We will have to wait patiently for the updatesas they promise to dramatically change the experience of using the app.

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