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A study showed that flower species have behaviors considered intelligent  Science and health

A study showed that flower species have behaviors considered intelligent Science and health

Solidago flower is native to North America – Photo: ak_phuong/Getty Images

One Stady Two researchers from Cornell University, Andre Kessler and Michael Müller, discovered that the flower known as Solidago, of the genus Very high solidarity It is native to North America, and has behaviors that could identify it as an intelligent being.

second Another search From the same institute, some plant species emit an organic component that has an odor when they are attacked. This signal is generally generated by populations located in areas that have a history of being targeted by predators, so that other plants can also go into defense mode.

In the case of solidago, when the beetle larvae begin eating the flowers, the plants emit this odorous organic component. This tricks insects into thinking it is spoiled and should not be eaten.

At the same time, plants change the way they reflect red light from their leaves, which is detected from a distance by other groups of solidagos with mechanisms to understand these signals. Thus, they activate the same defense process, similar to the human immune system.

According to this new research from Cornell University, plants in neighboring areas that have a history of being attacked create a common language among themselves based on the chemical signals they emit in defense.

For researchers, when plant species track the environment and identify a problem, they use a type of memory that can be considered a decision-making ability. “Depending on the information they receive from the environment, plants change their behaviors that are considered natural,” Kessler said.

In other words, with this secret warning sign, they are collecting information that they have received in the environment in which they are accustomed to living, but they are also anticipating problems that may put them in danger.

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“Based on this definition and the diverse evidence we have collected, the question is not whether or not plants have intelligent behaviors, but how they manage to do so without a nervous system and what the consequences of these behaviors are for the ecosystem,” he says. Researchers. Although other experts in this field believe that it is wrong to define plants as “smart,” the field that studies their behavior has expanded in recent years, according to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail.” Science Alert Portal.

*Under the supervision of Maria Carolina Abe