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The competition will award science and technology projects from public schools - cities

The competition will award science and technology projects from public schools – cities

The ninth edition of Solve for Tomorrow, the Answer to Tomorrow, in Portuguese, is open for registration. The Samsung Global Initiative will reward public high school students who have innovative ideas in science and technology. Certificates and awards will be given to students, teachers, schools and managers in charge of projects, according to each stage of selection.

Registration must be done by a mentor professor by June 30th. Each teacher can register groups of 3 to 5 students. This teacher should teach subjects focusing on mathematics and its techniques, or on the natural sciences. Applications must be submitted directly on the website of Tomorrow’s answers.

Selected projects, which must use STEM (short for SciencesAnd Techniqueengineering and Maths), with expert guidance, and winners in different categories will be awarded to Samsung products. Details of this and next steps are available on the official page and on Program application.

Awards start from the initial selection. The first 100 teachers will get a Maker/Arduino kit, if their projects are labeled. The principal with the highest number of ranked project entries will be awarded a tablet.

Projects that reach the semi-finals will be awarded a tablet for each advisor and associate professor from the 20 ranked teams. The finalists will win a Samsung Notebook for each teacher and partner teacher from the 10 semi-finalists.

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For the national winners, the students of the three teams will get a Samsung Smartphone + Samsung Smart TV in first place, a Samsung laptop + Samsung Smart TV in second place, and a Samsung Smart Watch + Samsung Smart TV in third place .

Each school of the three winning projects will receive two Samsung Smart TVs, as well as a souvenir, commemorative plaque and digital stamp. The mentor teacher, partner teacher, and students on the winning team will receive a medal. Famous jury winners receive a Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headset for each student, teacher and partner educator of the three projects selected by the audience. Each of the three schools for the winning projects by the popular jury will receive one (one) Samsung Smart TV and a cup.

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