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A company launches a special door for facial recognition for cats and dogs

A company launches a special door for facial recognition for cats and dogs

A smart pet door promises to recognize pets in the house – and only them – to let them in and out automatically. Petvation uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize the face of specific cats and dogs, ensuring greater safety and preventing intrusions.

Watch a working prototype:

It is common in the United States, that most pet doors (especially cats) are a common door hole. A plastic cap, with a back and forth motion, covers the opening, allowing pets to get in and out.

If the exit is to an open square or to the street, other animals in the neighborhood may end up entering when the mechanism is detected. Chance for chaos, spread of diseases and even invasion of wild animals such as skunks and snakes.

Petvation uses facial recognition technology (such as that used to unlock a file smart phone) and machine learning. It only slides in when it “sees” a familiar pet approaching, and shuts off as soon as it leaves or enters.

As with most smart home devices, it is controlled by a Application. You can access the camera, choose the times the animals can pass and even configure it, for example, so that your cat can go outside, but your dog can’t – or vice versa. a look:

It also warns you about nearby movement, if unwanted creatures try to get in, and even if your pet brings unwanted companions, like a mouse. An infrared camera on each side, with a wide angle (120 °) and night vision, is responsible for finding the snout.

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The silent motor is equipped with a locking mechanism and an anti-breakage sensor, so that it does not accidentally lock itself in the paws or tails. The frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy.

Petvation: a sensor that does not catch the tails or paws of animals

Photo: Petvation

Petvation was in Kickstarter campaign, which has just been completed with great success: the goal set by the company (10 thousand US dollars) doubled in 581 supporters to 90,782 US dollars (about 486,000 Brazilian reals). Therefore, commercial production will start soon.

It is always worth noting that according to the concept of responsible ownership, it is not recommended to leave your pet on the street alone.

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