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Discover the “European country” where 30% of the population are Brazilians

Discover the “European country” where 30% of the population are Brazilians

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French Guianaan external region of France, has emerged for housing the highest proportion of Brazilian residents outside Europe. Its population is about 294,071 peoplethis foreign country is surprised by practically accommodating it One in three residents is of Brazilian origin. Communication between these two places is facilitated by a bridge that passes over the Oyaboc River and connects the city of Oyaboc with Saint-Georges-de-Loyaboc.

Although some schools teach Portuguese, the official languages ​​of Guiana are French Creole (mix of French with African influences), Spanish that it French. This cultural and historical coexistence between the rich Brazilian diversity and the French heritage makes French Guiana a unique example of coexistence and exchange between different cultures.

Moreover, a report published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs This was revealed in a year 2022French Guiana has a population of 91,500 Brazilian citizens. This number represents practically a third of the population of this neighboring area¹²³. The ministry's survey also reveals that there are overall 4.5 million Brazilians live outside BrazilThis is the highest number since 2009. The United States leads 1.9 million Of Brazilians, followed by Portugal, with 360 thousand.

French Guiana, with its rich cultural diversity and special connection to Brazil, is a fascinating and unique place in South America and Europe.

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