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Imagem de: 8 Jogos antigos que deixaram saudades

8 old games I missed

Controllers tend to have a life cycle, which is quite long for some, and for others not so much. However, it was undeniable that each of them had enough power to captivate the crowds.

Therefore, this special article of Voxel brings 8 old games that left memoriesWhether it is because of the difficulty, the characters, the soundtrack, or any other reason that you justify yourself. paying off!

1. ground

This is another of those instances of a very good series that Nintendo unfortunately decided to leave in the past. And for the players, that’s really a shame.

ground It’s an RPG genre that totally escapes tradition. Here, we control four kids who eat hamburgers to regain their energy and fight against opponents like crazy hippies, bees and aliens.

Something noteworthy All popular culture references – Including the Beatles and the Loch Ness Monster – And a final battle that also offers a unique experience where you don’t have to hit your opponent.

two. against

Vintage games in the popular “one man army” style gained popularity with some franchises in the 90’s against One of the important things.

The idea here is very simple: shoot everything that moves, collect different weapons and, of course, be careful not to get hit in the process. At the end of each stage, there was a confrontation with a boss.As we usually lose more lives, we were angry and today we miss them.

3. the same fire

In the 1990s, Capcom was famous for its fighting games, mega man And a few other companies that include Disney franchises. Along the way, I decided to give players a completely different project: an RPG.

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From these efforts, some titles in the series were born the same firewhere we control a protagonist who always calls himself Ryu and can transform into a dragon. In every game in the series, we have changes in villains and team membersbut features such as the unique abilities of allies are always present.

The Japanese producer even released a version for smartphones that unfortunately stuck in Japan, but what fans really want is a sequel like the old games that ended up missing a lot.

4. Ragnarok online

Ragnarok online It’s still going strong in our country and in some other regions, but it’s undeniable that, for now, it doesn’t have the same oomph that we saw between 2004 and 2010.

There are endless battles in the empire wars, you spent several minutes to get 1% experience at level 98 and then get angry because all your work, for a small mistake, is for nothing… In fact, this was the first MMORPG of many people and I miss you!

5. GunBound

At the height of Lan houses, in addition to counter strike Another well-known game was GunBound.

The logic here was very simple: Choose a car and head to the rooms in battles against other playersalways with the aim of destroying the opponent or making him fall into a ditch.

The good part: Even those with a phone call were able to enjoy here, which helped make it even more popular.

6. shinobi revenge

One of the great classics of Mega Drive, it caught the attention of many due to its stages that included platforms and battles against various enemies.

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To aid in this journey, we have the opportunity to use kunais, the sword and mystical arts to eliminate opponents – and all this is set to a soundtrack that many enjoy to this day.

Too bad we haven’t heard anything about this series, which was a hit among the many older games released on the late Sega 16-bit console.

7. fantasy star

Well, maybe we are talking about a series that is still active. However, those “old” ones definitely miss the old games from the series, when everything was resolved in turn-based RPG battles.

The first four titles in the series were her Extremely powerful fist in science fiction, In addition to bringing turn-based combat and diverse environments to explore.

Another important point here is the possibility of combining spells and techniques of characters, generating more powerful blows.

8. Chrono player

And of course, we could not end this list without mentioning one of the old favorites of many of the audience.

Many fans still dream of the moment when he is Square Enix will announce a new version of Chrono playerAnd the While others think that he does not need anything like that.

In any case, It is undoubtedly one of the old games that you miss whether in terms of plot, characters, multiple endings or even music.

And you, do you remember more old games that you missed? Share your opinion with other readers on the social networks of voxel.