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4 simple exercises to slim cheeks

4 simple exercises to slim cheeks

Does the size of your cheeks bother you? So know that it is possible to reduce them without the help of plastic surgery, but with some basic exercises that you can do at home in just a few minutes of your day. through these exercises Weight loss in cheeks You will be able to reduce facial fat, as well as swelling, check it out!

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How to slim cheeks: exercises

There are many reasons that may lead to an increase in the size of the cheeks, such as the genetic factor, some infections in the skin, or even the use of medications. However, the most common cause is facial swelling as a result of excess body weight. In these cases, the following exercises are recommended to reduce them:

The same lion

Through this exercise you will be able to stretch, relax and activate the muscles of your face and neck, which will help you lose weight. To do this, simply stretch your neck and shoulders, then inhale through your nose to expand your rib cage and exhale through your mouth, stick out your tongue and make a loud “e.”

fish mouth

We’ve all made the “fish mouth” face a lot, when we pull our cheeks into our mouths. But what few people know is that this grimace can contribute to slimming your cheeks. To do this, simply suck your cheeks in for five seconds and try to smile while drawing the face, repeating the process five times.

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slaps in the face

Another way to stimulate your facial muscles is touch stimulation. To do this, just pat it on your face, initially around the eyes and then move towards the center of the face, on the cheeks. But do not forget that it will be very important to stimulate all areas of the face.

Cheek sculpting

Finally, we have an exercise in which we seem to form the cheeks with our hands. To begin, use your index and middle fingers to glide across the skin of your face, working from your jawline to the center of your face, as if you were doing a sweep.