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3 dicas para higienizar morangos corretamente, segundo a ciência

3 tips for washing strawberries properly

How to wash Strawberry correctly? Strawberry is one of them foods It is preferred by many people and it is common to find it in various desserts or salads offered in various food establishments. At home this delicious fruit They are used frequently and tend to accompany natural juices They accompany breakfast every morning, so they represent an important food in people’s usual diet.

However, like the others Fruits and vegetables It is important to wash and sterilize strawberries thoroughly before consuming them, in order to avoid potential health risks. It is indicated that many foods contain pesticide residues on its surface, which may harm your family’s well-being 🇧🇷 So, here are three science-backed necessary tips to properly sanitize strawberries before consuming them.

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Do not forget that it is necessary to wash this product well before eating it, because the high levels of pesticides and harmful microorganisms that it may contain, can endanger health and disease. well-being of your body And your family is in danger. Strawberries are a commercial product, so it is necessary to be very careful in cleaning them With the aim of removing as much pesticide products as possible remaining in them. This will give you more security when it comes to making use of them.

3 tips to properly sanitize strawberries

The first step that is recommended to be followed when sterilizing strawberries is to wash your hands well, in this way you will avoid transferring possible bacteria to your hands. foods or on your kitchen countertop. In the same way, Once you are no longer handling strawberries, you will need to clean and sterilize them your hands to prevent any kind of microorganism from sticking to your skin.

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1) Store without sterilization: An important fact that you must not forget is that disinfecting strawberries and then storing them in refrigerator It can backfire. Therefore, to keep these fruits fresh longer, it is recommended to store them in it Packaging Original and sterilized only until the moment of consumption.

Thus, it will retain its flavor and not spoil quickly. It should also be noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention We recommend Wash it thoroughly under running water and discard the use of detergents or chlorine, as they may endanger health, as residue Chemicals It can stay on strawberries.

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2) Clean strawberries with vinegar: O Vinegar is an ingredient that can be found in almost every kitchen and has become an effective and natural way to sanitize fruits and vegetables. You only need to mix three cups of vinegar And a cup of water in a bowl and leave it right away Strawberry Soak for 5 minutes.

After this time, the fruit should be rinsed well with plenty of water Cold water 🇧🇷 This will help remove the taste of the vinegar and any traces of dirt that may have been left on it. Immediately they should be dry With a strainer and then put it in a bowl so that it can be kept for a longer time.

3) Use baking soda to clean strawberries: Baking soda is one of the greatest allies in cleaning, it is ideal for disinfection strawberries and have them ready to eat safely. A recent study showed the effectiveness of baking soda in removing pesticides, even working better than chlorine bleach or tap water.

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To use it as a strawberry puree, only rinse Put the fruits well in a colander, and when the water drains, rub them gently with your hands.

Immediately immerse them in a bowl with 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of it Sodium bicarbonate , to allow them to rest for 5 minutes. After this time, they must be drained through a sieve and rinsed immediately. Now you can safely consume them.

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