Lodi Board Votes to Replace Night Custodians

by Free Speech on June 15, 2012

Lodi, WI~

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In a 6-0 vote, School Board members in Lodi eliminated 12 night custodian (union) positions, replacing them with a non-union contract cleaning company by the name of Environmental Control. Bowing to strong teacher and ESP objections, it kept in place the four day-shift custodians.  Judy Boehnen, the president of the Lodi Education Support Association and others warned the Board it was making a mistake, that this had been tried before in Lodi and had failed. Current custodians were told that they could apply for their old jobs with the new company, but the pay is likely to be significantly less and benefits will be eliminated. The Board action comes on the heels of its layoff of 8% of the teaching staff and its preliminary compensation offer to teachers of $3000 less in benefits than the previous year.

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