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Zamp (ZAMP3) confirms negotiations with Starbucks to explore the brand and develop Starbucks operations in Brazil

Zamp (ZAMP3) confirms negotiations with Starbucks to explore the brand and develop Starbucks operations in Brazil

Posted at 10:15 am

Zamp (ZAMP3) confirmed on Wednesday, the 21st, that it has begun negotiations with Starbucks Corporation regarding the right to explore the brand and develop Starbucks operations in Brazil.

The company, the master franchisee and operator in the country of Burger King and Popeyes, confirmed that no proposal had been submitted or any agreement or contract signed with Starbucks, with the exception of a confidentiality agreement.

Valor Econômico reported that Zamp is negotiating an agreement to acquire a Starbucks operating license in Brazil from its US headquarters, in talks that began in December.

Change contribution

Zamp (ZAMP3) reported on Wednesday, 21 that MC Brasil, a company that forms part of a group of companies, investment funds and companies indirectly owned, controlled or managed by Mubadala Financial Investments Corporation and its subsidiaries, has increased its stake in the company.

MC now owns 105,948,900 common shares issued by Zamp, representing approximately 38.5% of total capital stock; Financial Settlement Derivative Instruments (Total Return Swaps) equivalent to 8,000,000 common shares, representing approximately 2.9% of the Company's total share capital, and 11,572,800 American Depositary Receipts (ADR) representing 46,291,200 issued common shares of Zamp, equivalent to approximately 16.8% of its total capital. .

On Tuesday the 20th, Zamp announced that Fitpart Fund Management Services (FitPart) had reduced its shareholding to zero common shares issued by the company.

According to data on Zamp's investor relations website, on December 19, 2023, Fitpart owned a 16.81% stake in the company.


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