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PIS / Pasep will benefit those who have worked at least 30 days in 2020 and 2021

PIS / Pasep will benefit those who have worked at least 30 days in 2020 and 2021

Recently the government announced that the payment schedule for PIS / Pasep 2021 and 2022 will be standardized. Payment of bonus wage bonus to workers covered by the CLT system, as per the practice of the previous year.

However, workers waiting to pay the allowance this year should pay attention to the latest news. Due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the PIS / Pasep payment will be rescheduled in February 2020, as per the budget justification.

How will the allowance work in 2022?

According to the information, the rules for entitlement to a salary bonus will not be changed, that is, you are entitled to a salary bonus in the next year, it will be necessary:

  • Have served on an official contract for at least 30 days in 2020 in connection with the receipt of the 2021 allowance and at least 30 days in the year 2021 in connection with the receipt of the 2022 allowance;
  • They earned a minimum wage on average at the most;
  • Be registered with PIS / Pasep for at least five years, with correct information provided by the employing company;

How much will the allowance amount?

The amount of PIS / Pasep Salary Allowance varies according to the length of the working day and the minimum wage in the base year. Thus, the exercise period is divided by the national floor value.

Given the current minimum wage, R $ 1,100, each month is calculated as follows:

size Values
1 month work 92,00 BRL
2 months work 184,00 BRL
3 months work 275.00 BRL
4 months work 367.00 BRL
5 months work 459.00 BRL
I worked 6 months 550.00 BRL
7 months work 642,00 BRL
I worked for 8 months 734.00 BRL
9 months work 825.00 BRL
10 months work 917.00 BRL
Work 11 months 1.009.00 BRL
Worked for 12 months 1.100.00 BRL
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