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YouTube begins testing the new video player design on the web version and opinions are divided

YouTube begins testing the new video player design on the web version and opinions are divided

YouTube has begun experimenting with a new design for its video player on PC. The redesigned theme, which is still in the testing phase with a limited group of users, brings drastic changes compared to the platform's current layout in its desktop version – something that has divided opinions among the public.

The new design now includes the video title, channel information, and comments section on the right side of the player, with video suggestions swapping places. As a result, many resources — including some that focus on accessibility, such as video transcription — become crowded into a small space. See the screenshot below:

This appearance is maintained even when the user enables Theater Mode, which makes the video player occupy the entire width of the screen. In this case, the video information and comments section is simply “pushed” to the bottom, while the recommended videos remain on the left of the page.

The radical changes sparked controversy among users. While some applaud the new design, others believe the changes have had a negative impact on the desktop version experience, prioritizing content recommendation and engagement at the expense of user interaction in the comments section.

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In a note sent to Android Police this Thursday (11), YouTube states that the build is a limited test of Make it easier to read comments while the user is watching videos on the computer. The documents reiterate that this is just an experiment, so feedback will be crucial in determining whether or not the company adopts the new design.

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YouTube is one of the favorite platforms for Brazilians to watch videos. Statistics recently released by Kantar Ibope Media show that between January and December 2023, the service dominated the sector in terms of audience with a 16.1% share of video consumption, overtaking pay TV.


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