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Xuxa was criticized on social media for criticizing BBB 24's Fernanda;  Understanding combat

Xuxa was criticized on social media for criticizing BBB 24's Fernanda; Understanding combat

After setting yourself up Against Fernanda's discourses on motherhood In the BP24, Xuxa's social networks were full of negative comments on Wednesday night (20). Most of them use the different reality between the two as justification.

“Shu, pay Nanda as a nanny. Then you won’t feel so tired, and you’ll find everything beautiful, just like you,” one person said.

“We are with Fernanda! The reality of many poor and atypical mothers who do not have a support network or nanny,” wrote another.

“It's so easy to criticize Fernanda, when she lives a life full of privilege. “For those of you who don't know, Fernanda is an atypical single mother who was abandoned,” another posted.

Until this report was published, Xuxa had not defended itself against criticism.

Understand the confusion

Xuxa used social media on Wednesday night (20) to take a stand against Fernanda V's statements BP24. In a controversial conversation, the sister says she is “within her limits” and mentions motherhood. “There are days when you want to kill your children, and you want to be arrested,” he says.

The broadcaster shared the baker's video and wrote: “We shouldn't say this as a joke. If you don't have the patience, time and love to have children, don't have them. He says he joined the BBB team because of them, but he says that sometimes he wants to throw them out the window, and this Something he shouldn't even think about, let alone speak in front of the whole of Brazil.

Earlier, her team spoke. “The reality of some is not the reality of others. “Nanda lives for her children, works tirelessly to maintain an affordable standard of living for them, yet she still martyrs herself for feeling inadequate and that her children deserve more than she can give,” part of the text says. .

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