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Yasmin Brunet was going to try a risky strategy to do well on the show.  understands!

Yasmin Brunet was going to try a risky strategy to do well on the show. understands!

Yasmin Brunet wants to do well on “BBB 24”.

Photo: Disclosure, Globo TV/Pure People

He has been confirmed to join the Camarote film for “BP24“, Jasmine Brunet It actually gives people something to talk about even before The debut of the TV Globo reality showScheduled on Monday (08).

All because in addition You have a competitor within the programVanessa Lopez, also from the Camarote group -, daughter of Louisa Brunet I will actually come up with strategies to do well in the game.

According to columnist Matthews Baldi, Yasmine used the Internet to contact two other participants in the program to form alliances, even before the quarantine.

Yasmin Brunet mentioned Vanessa Lopez as her competitor in an interview

Furthermore, the caller also revealed that Jasmine, when asked during the casting process for the show, would mention Vanessa Lopez as a celebrity with whom she does not have a good relationship.

But whoever thinks that Yasmine is afraid of this rivalry with Vanessa during the match on national television is wrong. According to Baldi, the model explained that in order to spice up her run on the show, it would be “interesting to have a participant in a potential conflict.”

The journalist concluded by stressing that it was clear to the team that participated in the selection that Yasmine Brunet has a very strong emotional readiness, unlike her competitor Vanessa Lopez.

It is worth noting that Vanessa and Jasmine do not talk to each other because of this Gabriel Medinawith whom the model married and Tiktok established a love story shortly after. In fact, the surfer has already announced his support for the game: Vanessa Lopez.

Cosmetic procedures performed by Yasmine Brunet and Vanessa Lopez before…

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