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Without Bolsanaro, US and China trade for climate - 11/4/2021

Without Bolsanaro, US and China trade for climate – 11/4/2021

In an unprecedented gesture, state governors are coming together and sending a strong political message to the world that they are ready to maintain a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This Thursday, during the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, an event marked the international launch of the project, which aims to seek resources to fund adaptation projects in the country and alleviate the federal government’s lack of international credibility.

The group, which already has 22 states, has held meetings with Europe, China and the United States to seek project funding. The full schedule of meetings on behalf of the governors contradicts the complete absence of President Jair Bolsanaro’s (non-party) meetings at the G20 over the weekend.

“We cannot change the federal government,” said Renado Casagrande, governor of Espirido Santo, and a spokesman for the group. According to him, the promises made by the central government to reduce emissions are important. But he warns: “The commitment in this government does not make much sense. We want to see plans and what happens in practice.”

With each international partner, governors try to show that they see not only goals but also paths to action.

Eduardo Light, governor of Rio Grande do Sulin, another member of the group and in Glasgow, stressed the need for access to overseas financing mechanisms. “The absence of a federal government creates our mobilization,” he said. His hope is that in the coming months, all states will be part of the federation.

Prince Charles, deceived by Bolzano, meets the governors

Even today, Prince Charles will meet with the governors of Brazil during the UN Climate Conference, COP26. In Glasgow, the heir to the British crown will receive an explanation of which authorities plan to achieve the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring deforestation in the country.

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However, the meeting comes just days after Charles was ignored by Brazilian President Jair Bolzano. On Sunday, during the G20 summit in Rome, the Italian president hosted a climate debate with world leaders. Charles delivered the opening speech, setting the tone for the onset of the crisis.

But, in the crowd, the absence of one drew attention: Bolzano. In its place, only Brazilian President Carlos Franசாais was represented. When contacted by Palacio do Planaldo for the absence of the Brazilian president, he stressed that climate change meeting with the king and other leaders was not included in its agenda.