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William Bonner reveals a surprise he promised on the networks

William Bonner reveals a surprise he promised on the networks

Published on 11/06/2021 8:57 PM

(Credit: Globo/Reproduction)

“A Special Moment” by Journal Nacional, Promised by journalist William Boehner that sparked social media during Thursday evening’s TV news broadcast (10/6).Everyone who predicted the end of the puzzle was surprised. At the end of the programme, the presenter announced the corporate campaign Fatos e Pessoa, which will show the daily life of journalists from Grupo Globo cars.

“The reason behind this initiative is to get rid of the misconception that these difficult days helped create the imagination of many people,” Bonner said. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we journalists have not stopped working. We had to be very careful to let you know the facts and protect against fake news,” he explained.

The goal is to show journalists the personal side, communication with relatives and voice communication between family members, trying to show that the work is done by people who feel, suffer and love. Journalists can even convey an image that they do everything easily, as if invincible, without fear of illness, without fatigue, without homesickness. But no,” the anchor pointed out.

“We give the news that we experience ourselves,” Renata Vasconcellos, at the end of the newscast, continued. After the speech, the credits, which are traditionally awarded to the photo of reporters, were replaced by the transfer of photos of journalists in the newspaper’s editorial room. Watch the moment:

The event will be broadcast between TV Globo programming breaks. Watch the campaign announcement:

The announcement caused disappointment for some netizens, and others were moved

With suspense, netizens created great expectations, like Bonner’s retirement

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After the announcement there were those who were disappointed:

But there were also those who were affected or impressed by the campaign: