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Loki had the best Marvel series debut on Disney+

Loki had the best Marvel series debut on Disney+

Nobody doubts the success lokiHowever, the debut of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series was bigger than expected. A survey conducted by SambaTV website showed that about 890,000 families watched the first episode in the United States alone on Wednesday (9).

The data refer to those who watched the program for at least five minutes. However, God of Cheating became the largest audience in the country for the Marvel series to appear on the platform. Until then, this title belonged to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which had 759,000 accounts after the first episode once it hit Disney+. Previously Wandavision Viewed by 655,000 households.

.’s good performance lokiHowever, it’s not just about being superheroes. Within 24 hours, the total number of viewers for the series was greater than Cruella in four days. However, it should be noted that they are two different formats and the feature film also incurred an additional cost to the subscriber due to Premier Access, which makes a huge difference in its reach.

Anyway, this all shows how loki I got off to a very positive start in the broadcasting world. More than that, it reveals how the Marvel series has become more popular on the platform and, little by little, is replicating the success we saw in theaters. Just look at the growth of people after the first appearance of Wandavision with one of loki.

All of this makes the predictions for the first weekend of the new MCU series the best it can be. Also according to SambaTV, watched by more than 1.7 million accounts Falcon and the Winter Soldier Between the opening Friday and Sunday, the Scarlet Witch outbreak numbered 1.6 million in the same period. Thus, taking into account the already superlative numbers of loki And the excellent reception of the first episode, everything indicates that the data will continue to climb. It is only important to note that, unlike previous shows, Deus da Trapaça started its story on Wednesdays and not on Fridays, as usual.

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