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Sabrina Sato was almost excluded from the BBB for an unusual reason;  Know any TV news

Sabrina Sato was almost excluded from the BBB for an unusual reason; Know any TV news

Sabrina Sato, one of the most relevant celebrities revealed by Big Brother Brazil, almost failed the selection process for the third edition of the reality show in 2003. Why? Stool test. I just forgot to take the test that production asked for and had to race against time to get it.

“At the medical exam, I had to do a stool test. I forgot the stool test. I almost didn’t go to Big Brother because of it. I went by bus. I had to take a taxi and tell the driver to wait for my sister,” Sabrina said with a laugh while participating on the Pod Delas podcast. So you bring me the money and lower the stool.”

In conversation with Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta, the recording presenter also recalled her passage through the Domingão do Faustão dance troupe (1989-2021), even before she was locked up in the most guarded house in the world. Zoe’s mother admitted that she wasn’t the most dedicated professional on the team.

“I really missed a lot, I didn’t even work much. I only wanted to go to the beach on Sundays. I die of shame, but I made a lot of excuses and I didn’t,” recalls her, who spent a year on the Fausto Silva show. She gave up on cuteness after dropping out of dance college to study journalism.

Sabrina was also absent from work – in a jewelry store – when she received the news of her choice for BBB3. “I was never home in the afternoon because I worked in a jewelry store. I was a hippie and made costumes at Oscar Freire. I couldn’t stand working in that store anymore, I was tired! But one day I was away and they called me. They called For the interview. I actually asked them to call the store saying I’m not going anymore,” he said.

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