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Juliet sets up “The Ship” with Anita and reveals the state of love and life: “I’m already in the role”

Nothing silly, she! Kkk since I emerged victorious from “BBB21“Juliette’s love life has been one of the most talked about topics among her fans on the web. Last night (11), the woman from Paraíba put her shyness aside and revealed, during an Instagram Live, how her little heart is. Lucas stretcherFinally, the lawyer said, after many commitments, she’s enjoying some flirting. However, he insisted that he does not intend to enter into a serious relationship for the time being.

“A friend will take some time, in God’s faith! But I’m already joking there. I am already at work ” Picked up, always in a very good mood. Also, as a joke, the influencer of Ryo suggested the names of her former colleagues in prison Bill Araujo e Rudolph As romantic potential for brunette.

JULIET, then took advantage of her friend’s joke to comment on the audience’s reluctance with the extensive list of “ships” they had made for her. “I’m going to do a poll, because you don’t make up your mind. Bill, Rodolfo, Luan Santana, Selton Millau”, The makeup artist suggested with a laugh. “Everyone is nice and kind. You still have to make the decision, but leave it to the future because now you are going to work a bit,” Camila advised. A little, he fired Pararibana: “And I can’t work and kiss on the mouth?” Absolutely right! ha ha ha

Juliette and Camila live on Instagram on Friday (11). (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
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The topic continued, nor the last friendship of the reality show hero Globo TV com Anitta escaped making the ship list. However, Juliet was careful to say that there is no chance of a love affair between her and Girl From Rio. Anita I have already become a sister. I don’t know if they ship with me, but they are beautiful and adorable, “ answered. “I’m still at her house, I feel very comfortable here. Do I pay rent for Anitta? Pay nothing. Let her fight!”, Joe joked.

Do you think it’s over? nothing! After the Instagram live, the former BBB duo migrated to Twitter. On the stage, Juliet and Camilla started a voice chat and invited the comedian Tata Wernick to participate. Lawyer relationship status was once again on the agenda and the muse shared that it was “weak in need”.

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Tatá has always been so much fun, I took the opportunity to play a gritty joke with Juliette and her husband, actor Rafael Vitti. “Do you want to sleep with Rafa?” , Offered to comedian. In turn, the woman from Paraíba burst out laughing and said: “No friend. I prefer you.” Helping people! Kkk The region’s youngest millionaire has finally agreed to participate in “Lady Night,” Werneck’s show on Multishow. We really want yesterday!

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