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Why should you drink bay leaf tea at night?

Why should you drink bay leaf tea at night?

Why should you drink bay leaf tea at night? Bay leaves have very beneficial health properties.

Laurel is a plant that has many benefits, both on the culinary level and on the health level, it is included in the list Medicinal plantsthanks to the multiple properties it has that are improved depending on how and how it is used Leaves.

Bay leaves are mainly used to treat both digestive and inflammatory issues, which is very beneficial in terms of controlling diabetes and many other conditions.

bay leaf;

in gastronomy and medicineLeaves are used normally. blonde fresh or dried. Some chemicals are extracted from it such as tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, linalool and eugenol. In addition to other medicinal properties, such as the fact that it is a plant with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive and anti-rheumatic benefits.

Why should you drink bay leaf tea at night?

#3 Control anxiety

The fact that substances such as linalool and cineole are part of bay leaf;facilitates the release of essential oils that help relax the central nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, especially when used in the form of aromatherapy.

#2 It aids digestion

in Leaves of this plant causes an increase in the volume of gastric fluid, with an increase in the secretion of enzymes and gastric mucus facilitating digestion. In addition to stimulating appetite, digestive secretions and bowel movements, it facilitates digestion and prevents heartburn and intestinal cramps.

#1ยบ Helps with the respiratory system

Consume Injections in blonde It is considered a good choice for people with respiratory problems, due to its great antibacterial and antiseptic activity, it is very useful in eliminating any bacteria or viruses that can cause infections in the respiratory system, thus avoiding the emergence of these diseases and ailments. Being a suitable natural remedy to help relieve cases of bronchitis and pharyngitis.

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