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If you are a Nubank customer, you need to be aware of the bank’s risk alert

If you are a Nubank customer, you need to be aware of the bank’s risk alert

Nubank alerts Client Regarding another scam involving his name. This time, the new scam is being advertised as “Carnival PIX”. The scammer sends messages to the user offering to transfer. The event will be the result of a carnival campaign implemented by fintech. Pay attention to the danger!

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The message sent contains a link that the consumer must click on and respond to a survey in order to supposedly have access to that amount that is issued. Then, the user is required to share the same link with their contacts.

This promotion does not exist. It is just another criminal scheme that wants to scam roxinho users.

Risk: Fraud promises R$150 to clients

This type of fraud has become increasingly common in recent years. Behind it is a system called social engineering. Crooks fabricates fake exclusive offers, prompting the user to access shady websites.

Through links, criminals Ask customers to provide personal data. Sometimes they ask for bank passwords. By imagining that this is a legitimate activity, consumers end up believing in the validity of the bogus campaign and giving the requested information, making it easier for scammers to access their accounts.

If the customer has already fallen for the Carnival PIX scam, Nubank’s instructions are for the consumer to contact the fintech call center and also see the new blog SOS shame. There, the client can access some detailed instructions on how to deal with the consequences of this action.

In connection with the current scam, Nubank has released a specific article about it, providing guidance on how to act.

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How do you avoid falling?

Inform the bank “it does not do any promotion of Carnival Peaks. If you have been affected by this message, do not click on any links, share or provide personal information.” Therefore, the user should be aware of any questionable offer he receives on behalf of fintech.

This chart can appear in various forms.

In addition to these unmissable offers, criminals can also send emails saying so Purchase Suspicions were placed on the card. From there, the customer must click a link in the message to resolve the issue. Clicking, the citizen starts to get a huge headache.

Nubank advises customers not to click on links sent by email, SMS or WhatsApp messages. You should be aware that the contacts made by scammers are generic, that is, they are rarely able to communicate the customer’s name and that there are always some errors in Portuguese.

In addition, the bank stated that it would never ask for a user’s bank password. If in doubt, contact the Financial Aid Center or visit the official Nubank website to access reliable information.