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Who nominated Farmer Andre for the farm?

Who nominated Farmer Andre for the farm?

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03/10/2023 at 11:06 pmUpdated on 04/10/2023 00:25

Farmer André Gonçalves used his power and nominated Tonzão Chagas for the second farm in A Fazenda 2023 (record): “Dear battle partner,” he began.

In his speech, Andrei praised Tonzau’s attitude in the match.

He is a dedicated player and is part of a very strong group. There are movements happening on the farm and I think it’s important to put a member of that group out there in that chair. Andre Gonsalves

Until the start of the live program, the farmer had not yet revealed to his friends who he would nominate for the spotlight. However, Tonzau said he is already waiting for this signal.

I was expecting it! We play a fair and honest game, without fuss or pushback. I always made it clear that he was my direct opponent and I expected that, because we had a direct and straightforward conversation. Tonzao

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