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So far, Musk has only been emboldened by threats to ignore justice

So far, Musk has only been emboldened by threats to ignore justice

“Ah, but what about the federal police investigation that showed that the suspended accounts used links to allow redirection to other users of the platform who had no restrictions on use, and from there they made the transmissions?” It is a loophole that was closed after the issue became public, as the company itself was quick to explain.

It is pathetic that the Bolsonarians are using this case to “prove” that Musk has kept his promise in this way. Because this does not even come close to “lifting all restrictions” imposed by the court decisions. The accounts are still banned.

Could he, eventually, move the X office to Mexico or remove the platform as a whole from Brazil? It could, of course, be the unpredictable Musk. But so far it has not done so.

He is more than just a far-right propagandist or a hard-line Trumpist, he is an opportunist. He fears that expanding platform regulation around the world will limit the profitability of his business and the power he has as the owner of X.

You know that decisions of the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Electoral Court can inspire actions in other countries, just as initiatives in Europe have inspired Brazil. In doing so, it tries to isolate countries to avoid the impact of contagion. It is no surprise that shortly after attacking Brazil, he went on to attack the Australian government, which demanded that a video of the hate attack be removed.

It is worth continuing to monitor her next steps, including what she will do regarding the Brazilian office. But he always gives his actions the size they actually have to be to prevent them from being seen as big as he wants them to be.

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