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Ronaldo should come to BH to determine the sale of Cruzeiro's SAF to Pedro Lourenco

Ronaldo should come to BH to determine the sale of Cruzeiro's SAF to Pedro Lourenco

Ronaldo Fenomeno is expected to come to Belo Horizonte next week to negotiate Possible sale of its shares in SAF Cruzeiro to businessman Pedro Lourenço, of Supermercados BH. The club has not yet confirmed, as has Pedro Lourenco himself, and both have contacted them Tempo SportsBut the trend is for the phenomenon to review all its actions, despite having to follow some rules.

The agreement will allow control to be transferred to the businessman, but according to the takeover contract concluded with the Saudi Football Federation, Ronaldo Vernomino will remain at the club as Chairman of the Saudi Football Federation for two years – with this period, if he will complete 60 months (five years) of Ronaldo managing the forces. Sudanese Armed Forces.

Initially, according to information released by Samuel Venancio, blogger Tempo SportsThe club's CEO, Gabriel Lima, must continue despite the change in administrative leadership. According to the blogger, Pedro Lourenco's preferred name to eventually take on the role of football manager is Alexandre Matos, who was recently appointed by America.

Cruzeiro announced on Thursday (26) the departure of Pedro Martins from the position of director of football, and at the present time, former defender Paulo Andre, an employee of Ronaldo's company, takes over the duties on a temporary basis. It was recently announced that Fernando Seabra will continue as the team's starting coach.

Moment of change

Rumors about a possible change in leadership of the SAF in Cruzeiro began in recent weeks, when pressure on Ronaldo, it turns out, increased. Tempo Sports. Verbal attacks became common, and a picture of Ronaldo was even burned during the protest.

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In light of this scenario, changes have not been ruled out, and Ronaldo's intention was to bring other partners into the business. The name Pedro Lourenço, of Supermercados BH, was the most frequently mentioned.

Since signing his intention to buy 90% of Cruzeiro's Sociedad Anonima do Futebol (SAF), in December 2021, Ronaldo has searched for potential business partners. Since then, only one has accepted the proposal: Pedro Lourenco, who can now be in charge of part of the proceedings after being granted another loan to the club, among the many things he has already done since before switching to SAF.

According to O TEMPO Sports, Pedriño is not ruling out taking over as coach of the SAF in Cruzeiro. But there was no deadline for this to happen. In an interview with the report, former striker Marcelo Moreno commented on his closeness to the businessman, and also confirmed his intention to acquire a larger percentage of the club’s shares.