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“Ellis and Tom”: A documentary about Brazilian artists premieres in the United States

“Ellis and Tom”: A documentary about Brazilian artists premieres in the United States

“Music Documentary Film”Ellis & Tom, Só Fui De Ser Com Você, directed by Roberto de Oliveira, will premiere in theaters in Los Angeles, US on September 15. Production will arrive in Brazil a few days later, on September 21.

The Los Angeles premiere, reported by Variety, has something special: Elis &'s album was released in the American city. Tone It was registered in 1974. Oliveira at that time was a businessman Ellis Director of Special Programs at TV Bandeirantes, videotaped the meeting between singer Ellis Regina and musician and composer Tom Jobim.

In an interview with Variety, Oliveira spoke about the singer and composer's importance in Brazilian music and how they overcame personal differences when recording the album – a documentary that has already been shown at film festivals in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He tells how it all happened.

“[Foram] Two great artists who did not understand each other on a personal level, but art unites talent. When these geniuses finally got to know each other, a masterpiece emerged. “In the end, they both came out of the crisis better and learned from each other,” Oliveira said.

The album Elis & Tom, available on streaming platforms, features songs such as Águas de Março, Pois é, Chovendo na Roseira, O que Tinha de Ser and Retrato em Branco e Preto – all Tom Jobim compositions solo or with partners.

In addition to the United States, the documentary Elis & Tom, Só Você de Ser Com Você is in negotiation with distributors in Japan and Australia.

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“Elise Regina was a regional success, but the subject matter of the film is universal, as is the music. “This story could have happened anywhere in the world,” Oliveira told Variety.

Watch the documentary below: