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Who is Marilyn Matos: from Sasha’s godmother and Xuxa businesswoman to a complete break with the presenter |  pop art

Who is Marilyn Matos: from Sasha’s godmother and Xuxa businesswoman to a complete break with the presenter | pop art

Marilyn Matos reunites with Xuxa during a documentary about Globoplay – Photo: Clone/Globoplay

A relationship (both business and personal) that lasted 19 years and ended up in the headlines, with accusations traded, hurt feelings and even a lawsuit filed. Troubled relationship between businesswoman and manager Marilyn Mattos And Xuxa ended nearly two decades ago. The two met again, for the first time, recently – in front of the cameras.

The reunion will be featured in the series “Xuxa, the Documentary,” which is showing for the first time globalplay Next Thursday (13). The conversation between Marlene and Xuxa won an entire episode of action, directed by Pedro Bial.

In addition to being a businesswoman, Marilyn Matos is a television director and producer and has pursued a career out of the limelight after her split from Rainha dos Baixinhos. Next, learn more about who Marilyn Matos is.

Principal Principal Marilyn became ideally uberlandense – Photo: Marilyn Matos / Personal Archive

Marilyn Matos was born on April 27, 1950 in São José do Ripamar, the third most populous municipality in Maranhao, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

While still a teenager, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she built her career as a businesswoman and television producer and director. It was shown on Manchete TV, Globo TVband recording Radio Globoand RedeTV! and SBT, E + TV and TV da Gente.

According to a January 2003 Folha de São Paulo article, Marlene was, at the time, the owner of an estimated $20 million – in today’s values, corrected by IGP-M, the amount would be roughly Rs 300 million.

The partnership between Marlene and Xuxa has grown over the years, which has led to the duo Globo TVwhere they scored hits and took Xuxa’s career to a new level.

From 1987 to 1992, Marilyn directed “Xou da Xuxa”, the most successful children’s program in the history of Brazilian television and responsible for turning Rainha dos Baixinhos into a great phenomenon – there were 2,000 shows.

The album Xou da Xuxa was released in 1986 – Image: Disclosure

In 1985, prior to directing Xuxa Programs, Marilyn Matos worked on the Globo TV As a character he went through various jobs until reaching the kernel. On the channel, in addition to leading the programs “Xou da Xuxa”, “Xuxa Park” and “Planeta Xuxa”, he has directed “Mais Você” (2001) and “Jovens Tardes” (2002).

In 1993, the director was instrumental in bringing superstar Michael Jackson to Brazil, who was in the country with his “Dangerous World Tour.”

After breaking up with Xuxa (read more below)Marilyn Mattos opened a casting agency and became Artistic Director at The Band.

Subsequently, it passed through SBT, Record, Rádio Globo and Rede TV! and E + TV and TV da Gente. She has also directed videos for presenter Karol Veiga’s YouTube channel. Marlin also managed volleyball players Verna and Leila, goalkeeper Dida, football player Kaka and former BBB Clipper Bambam.

The director also devoted time to the documentary project “Myths and Mysteries of the Amazon Jungle”.

Pregnant, Xuxa poses for ‘Planeta Xuxa’ audience – Image: Disclosure / TV Globo

Facing the breakaway, “Planeta Xuxa”, which was still on the air at the time of the fight, had its shortest season (from April 7 to July 28). One of the moments that marked the feud between the two was when Xuxa replied to Marilyn: “Do your job and I’ll do mine.”

For many years, Xuxa and Marlene kept silent about what happened. In 2015, Xuxa addressed the topic in an interview with Record, saying she was tired of being “dominated” by a director. After that, the presenter made several statements and outbursts about the relationship with her ex-partner, such as being a “dummy”, “stolen” and feeling “used”.

In April 2021, after Xuxa’s statements offended her during an interview with journalist Luís Erlanger, Marlene Mattos filed a complaint against the presenter for defamation. In September, the Public Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the case and acquitted Rainha dos Baixinhos.

Earlier this year, Xuxa was honored for 60 years in the Altas Horas programme. On this occasion, together with actress Adriana Pompom, the presenter commented on the fact that Pompom was an extra and stage assistant at Xuxa Park, but he was never a paquita.

“Marilyn didn’t want a black baguette, but I was delighted with her beauty,” the Queen accused the Little People.

Xuxa and Marlene Mattos meet again after 19 years in a Globoplay documentary: ‘Did he get tough? Me, says the former manager

In November 2021, Marilyn and Shuksa reunite to record the documentary globalplay. Under the supervision of journalist Pedro Bial and in front of the cameras, the two come face to face for the first time in 19 years.

This past Sunday (9), Fantástico aired some snippets from the episode that represent the moment.

“I hit a lot more than I missed, you know? The world isn’t what you want it to be. We have to get real sometimes, you know? You say…you were my puppet, and I used you to make puppets out of other people. And that’s it.” Marilyn says.

In five episodes, “Xuxa, the Documentary” tells the presenter’s path, a story marked by successes and love, but also by losses, traumas and disappointments.

“It shocked me because she said ‘I’d do it again,'” says Xuxa after meeting Marlene Matos 19 years later.