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President of Olodum and Fundação Palmares, João Jorge pays tribute to Margaret Menezes and meets with BaianaSystem

while passing Salvador Summer Festival 2023President of Olodum, Joao Jorge, spoke to News On the invitation of the Minister of Culture, Margaret Menezes, to take over the Palmares Foundation.

“It is a great responsibility to support Brazilian culture from Brasilia, to all states. We are doing work in Bahia that has ramifications all over the world, and the idea is to transfer this experience to the Palmares Foundation, which will have to be rebuilt and restarted, because it was in a terrible and destructive situation.”

João also praised Maga’s performance at the helm of Brazilian culture: “I think she’s very nice, from the northeast, from Bahia, a Brazilian woman of popular music who will be able to do a lot because she lives the culture. And from Bahia, where we always create things, she will innovate things on a level The National and that would be very cool.”

The head of Olodum also spoke about the meeting of the rhythmic group with BaianaSystem, which promises to excite the summer festival audience so much: “The meeting of generations of Brazilian folk music, samba, reggae, techno music. Baianasystem and Olodum are Afrobian, pop and contemporary, but they never met, each From them he went his own way. And now in our house, in our lands, together Olodum and Baianasystem, two good things about this land.

In an interview with BNews, João Jorge left the way open for a future partnership between the groups: “Mainly because we have a unified international profession in 43 countries and because BaianaSystem has a national unified profession, so we have to see how to do it in Latin America, Africa, the United States and the Sea Region Better yet, producing musical stuff from now on. Bahia was in need of good stuff, new stuff.”

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