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Marilyn Matos has already been involved in a celebrity romantic controversy

Marilyn Matos has already been involved in a celebrity romantic controversy

In addition to Xuxa Meneghel, other celebrities have ended up with it Marilyn Mattosa businesswoman who is back in the spotlight with the premiere of an unprecedented documentary about the career of the Queen of Juniors, which arrives on Globoplay this Thursday (13).

One of the most famous is Zilu Camargo, the mother of Wanessa, who worked with the businesswoman in 2019, when she presented the TV show, in which Marlene appeared behind the scenes, but ended up not gaining fame.

But, at the same time, Zezé Di Camargo’s ex-wife had an argument with Xuxa’s ex-partner and had to give public explanations. For those who don’t remember, the two were seen as a couple and Zilu had to explain herself, saying the focus was only on her artistic life.

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In an interview with Contigo, at the time, Zilu Camargo stated that his relationship with Marlene Mattos was not romantic, but work. But during the conversation, she ended up complimenting her principal: “She’s such an amazing person who teaches me every day! I’m learning so much!” said Wanessa Camargo’s mother.

As for rumors of a gay couple forming, Zillow said they did not have a romantic relationship: “I’m not bothered by the rumors that we’re dating. It’s a friendship, between a mother, a sister, and a great friend,” said the businesswoman.

After experiencing an art career in Brazil and not getting a good audience with her TV show, Zilu Camargo broke off her professional partnership with Marlene Mattos and decided to move to the United States.

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