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What would you do if you found your dog with a snake wrapped around his nose?

An unusual situation occurred in the San Diego, California area, and was recorded by Bruce Ireland, who is a professional snake catcher. Ireland appears in the video, which has been added to its social networks dog with snake wrapped around the snout.

The dog keeps calm until Bruce can remove the snake from his nose

After determining that her dog had a snake wrapped around its muzzle, the cat’s owner decided to contact Ireland, who is known to be a professional snake catcher who humanely captures these animals when they are in urban environments.

Upon arriving at the animal’s home, Bruce found the dog with a snake part stuck in its mouth, while the reptile’s body was wrapped around the animal’s nose. See the image below:

The event was so unusual that the video was released Tik Tok Posted by Bruce has gone viral in no time. With over 15 million views and 1.2 million likes, netizens were curious to know the outcome of the snake rescue.

Photo: TikTok.

The video shows the dog running towards Bruce. At that moment, the snake catcher gently removes the animal from the muzzle of the dog, which appears calm, though disturbed by the presence of the reptile.

After capturing the animal over 1.5 meters in length, Ireland places the snake inside a bucket with the intention of releasing it somewhere else safe and away from humans.

According to Bruce, the snake was wrapped around the dog’s snout because these animals, out of their curiosity, use their nostrils to sniff and probe. In this case, when the snake found a stranger, it tried to find out what it was, without imagining that the animal would be trapped in its body.

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To congratulate the dog’s bravery, Bruce throws a biscuit to the animal after he releases it from the snake.

And in the comments on the video, netizens admired Bruce’s calmness in withdrawing from handling the snake and taking the opportunity to tell jokes.

Someone claims that the dog thought snakes were much better than pet toys.

Meanwhile, another claims her puppy is frantically shaking his head to get rid of the snake.

And you? What would you do if you got home and this was the scene of the moment?