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Now, orders leave within 72 hours

Now, orders leave within 72 hours

Government Portugal Issue the residence permit online, a procedure that now benefits Brazilian immigrants as well as those from Portuguese-speaking African countries. The intent is to reduce bureaucracy for those who already live or intend to live in the country.

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The authorization is valid for one year and can now be obtained online for immigrants who are interested in living in the country. The application requires a fee of €15 – about R$84 – for the digital version of the residence permit certificate.

Residence permit

Many Brazilians who have moved to the country have complained that it is difficult to obtain a permit, even if they meet all the requirements set by the government of Portugal.

Due to bureaucracy, many are still in an irregular situation and lose job opportunities, travel possibilities and many other rights that have been damaged due to the delay in issuing the authorization.

The residence permit is what guarantees access to a social security number, health and taxes. Thus, from Monday (13), people from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) will have the opportunity to secure their residence permit in Portugal online, in a maximum of 72 hours.

Who can apply?

According to government rules, only people who applied between 2021 and 2022 and have pending procedures will be able to access the residence permit online.

More than 150,000 people are currently in this situation, 60% of them are Brazilian, and the reality could be even greater given the backlog of applications.

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This news comes as a great relief to all those whose residence permits are still pending. Among the difficulties is the impossibility of opening bank accounts and even renting real estate. Depending on how long they stay in Portugal, many are unable to leave the country due to the risk of not being able to return.

The next step, according to the Government of Portugal, is to launch the online service for those who have applied for a residence permit from January this year.

Applications can be submitted through the websites “sef.pt” and “eportugal.gov.pt”. This measure is part of the Mobility Treaty signed between Portuguese-speaking countries in 2021.