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What motivates people to travel?  -USB Newspaper

What motivates people to travel? -USB Newspaper

Experts believe that there are specific reasons for the increase in the number of tourists in a place

Tourism Science – University of the South Pacific

Tourism Science No. 12: What motivates people to travel?


In this year's first episode of Tourism Science Bulletin, Alexandre Panoso, a professor in the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH) at the University of the South Pacific, explains what are the main reasons people decide to travel and what factors make them decide to travel? It can contribute to trip planning. Learn more about this episode and other episodes Tourism sciences in newspaper.usp.br/atualidades.

Tourism Sciences Bulletin

Graduate Program in Tourism in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities-USP, USP Radio, and USP Magazine
production – Alexandre Panoso Neto, Lucía Silveira Santos, Vitor Silva Freire, and Melina Manhas Rodriguez
Co-production – Cinderella Caldeira, Julia Galvão, Alessandra Ueno, Guilherme Castro Souza
The Tourism Science Bulletin is broadcast on Rádio USP, every two weeks, every Friday, on Jornal da USP live
Release: USB radio
You can listen to Rádio USP SP 93.7 MHz and Ribeirão Preto 107.9 MHz, online at www.jornal.usp.br or on the main podcast aggregators
Such as Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer.

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