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An emergency committee has been established to combat the increase in dengue cases in Boa Vista

An emergency committee has been established to combat the increase in dengue cases in Boa Vista

Municipal Health Minister Reggiani Matos during the inauguration of health factors and the control of endemic diseases (Photo: Nilzete Franco / FolhaBV)

After receiving an alert from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMSA) established an emergency committee to combat dengue cases that have been increasing in Brazil in recent months.

The announcement was made by Secretary Reggiani Matos, during the inauguration of 30 new Endemic Disease Control Agents (ACE) and 211 Community Health Agents (ACS) who will work in the Municipal Basic Health Units (UBS).

Installation ceremony of the new municipal agents (Photo: Nilzete Franco/FolhaBV)

According to Regian, the new agents are part of a package of measures that will be taken to control endemic diseases in Boa Vista.

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“This committee works with several procedures that are compatible with primary care. The Health Surveillance Supervisory Authority works together with the Primary Care Supervisory Authority on site,” explained Reggiani Matos.

In addition to monitoring cases, the committee's teams will visit homes to guide residents about the precautionary measures that residents must take to limit the spread of dengue fever in the municipality.

The new agents took office this morning

This morning, 2,211 Community Health Agents (ACS) and 30 Endemic Disease Control Agents (ACE) who passed the streamlined selection process conducted last year took up their positions.

In total, there are 515 ACS and 163 ACEs on the professional staff at City Hall. The current scenario of the municipality includes 141 teams and family health strategies, with an average of 3 to 4 CHA centers per group.

New endemic disease control agents arrive to strengthen the fight against cases of arboviruses, such as dengue, Zika and chikungunya, in the capital.

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Camila Araujo, 21, of New ACS, said the placement represents an opportunity to get closer to the health sector.

“I was very nervous but after meeting some of the healthcare assistants and seeing their work up close, I am very happy that I was able to get closer to my field, which is nursing. As well as coming to add to their work and help with the health of the residents,” the enthusiastic young woman explained.

Camila Araujo took up her position at ACS this morning (Photo: Nilzete Franco/FolhaBV)

The young woman will be working in the Paraviana neighbourhood, and she mentioned that according to the ACS, the work was previously difficult for the number there were, but with 10 new clients coming to the unit, it will make everyone's job easier.