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Facebook Papers: How do you get out of the "digital quagmire"?

Facebook Papers: How do you get out of the “digital quagmire”?

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This week, Lisbon is once again the scene of the Web Summit. New accusations against Facebook promise to put a mark on the agenda due to the presence of former company employee Francis Haugen. The complainant revealed, for example, that the company has no control over hate messages because it generates engagement and more profits.

Lisbon is once again the stage for the Web Summit, the global meeting of Internet-connected businesses. The opening, on Monday, was attended by Frances Hogan, a former Facebook employee and algorithm specialist, who revealed, for example, that the company knows the dangers of Instagram for young teens and that Facebook does not contain hate messages because it generates. Interaction and more profit.

Frances Haugen has published thousands of documents that are being deciphered and published by the International Federation of Journalists in the investigation, the Facebook Papers. This is the latest scandal that tarnishes the reputation of the tech giant, which gathers 2.8 billion daily users and will continue to celebrate the web summit agenda.

How can algorithms control people and directly affect democracies? Why does a company that has become central to the contemporary social fabric do nothing to avoid failure? Or instead of failure are we talking about conscious distractions? How do you get out of the “digital quagmire” intact in this “brave new world”? Some answers with Ricardo Lafuente, Vice President of Associação D3 – Defense of Digital Rights.

“Facebook Papers” – Interview with Ricardo Lafuente

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