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My heart is beating strong

My heart is beating strong

With this picture, the presenter entered the transplant queue to receive a new heart. According to the Transplant Center of the State of São Paulo, Faustão was able to get the transplant after the transplant team rejected the patient who ranked highest on the organ list – the bidder was second on the priority list. Rejection can occur due to a possible incompatibility between the recipient and the donor.

Very excited, Faustau tells exclusively of the feeling of having a new heart. “I feel my heart beating faster, it’s such a unique feeling. They had to remove so much debris from inside of me, and put in a new heart, a 35-year-old boy’s heart. It’s something that makes me feel so alive.”

When asked what he first thought of after waking up from surgery, Fausto often praises the work of doctors and makes an appeal. “My first thought was: I need to stimulate organ donation. Brazil should be the first place in the world. There should be more projects. We need to do something to improve this, and think about the following projects. We need to use faith in donation.” If I didn’t have faith, I wouldn’t be alive.

Yesterday I felt like I was having a normal day in my life. I sat, walked, talked. It’s ridiculous to be able to do all that. I just want to thank my doctors and SUS. All this also thanks to SUS. Not because I have money, I’m fine. Everything I did was also done at SUS, and that should be appreciated. It is important for everyone to know this, and that will be my task now. Fausto Silva

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The broadcaster says that he believes that expectations indicate that he will stay in the hospital for another period. But he calls this columnist: “When you’re in São Paulo, tell me, and we’ll make you a pizza at home.”

In the late afternoon of Wednesday (30th), the Albert Einstein Hospital in Israel reported that the presenter was speaking normally and had already begun physical therapy. “He communicates normally and is very prepared, 72 hours after the heart transplant operation, which took place last Sunday at Albert Einstein Israelita Hospital. The heart function is normal and stable, and today, drainage and some catheterisation, in addition to the fact that the patient has started physiotherapy.”