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What explains the dissatisfaction of the national team players with the Copa America

At a press conference held today (3) in Porto Alegre, Coach Tite refused to confirm that the Brazilian national team will play in the Copa America It is due to start within ten days within the same country. This occurred due to a dissatisfaction movement within the cast calling into question the team’s participation.

Tite mentioned that there will be an official placement of the selection members once the double round Qatar World Cup Qualifiers, with matches tomorrow (4) and next Tuesday (8). according to UOL SportsThis hatred on the part of the players has multiple roots and there are indeed real consequences, which is the silence of the cast. There have been five players’ press conferences scheduled over the past three days and none have taken place yet Confirmation of Brazil’s hosting of the Copa America.

The players initially met with Tite and selection coordinator Juninho Paulista. After that, they requested an agenda with the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Rogerio Capoclo, who traveled from Rio de Janeiro to Teresopolis just for that. The meeting took place yesterday (2) in Granja Kumari, and one of the most important issues was the lack of dialogue between the entity and the group, as the decision to host the Copa America made the choice and the Federation itself the target of severe criticism in recent days. There were questions about whether the seat could be changed again.

There is also the health context, especially after arriving in Porto Alegre. There are reports that the movement of people in the hotel where the delegation is staying jumped out of their minds. Finally, this account includes communication between team leaders and foreign players who will also compete in the Copa America, but have expressed their dissatisfaction with the exact scenario of the epidemic in Brazil. Aguero, now at Barcelona, ​​was one of the players who set himself upAs well as the coach of the Argentine national team, Lionel Scaloni, who described the situation as “worrying.”

The selection - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Players meet with coach Titi and his assistant Mateus Bacchi during training in Beira Rio

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

There, behind the scenes, some people close to the athletes feel that the dissatisfaction movement with regard to the Copa America is not exclusive to the Brazilian team and this discontent can lead to great organized action. Behind the scenes at the Brazilian Football Confederation, the indicator is that this is a huge problem and difficult to overcome. Tite did not explain the internal situation at a press conference, nor did he downplay the importance of the upcoming initiative.

“Our firm and clear position has already been determined, but in due course it will be expressed” and “The opinion is very clear, very clean, very clean, expressed in a personal conversation with the President and Technical Committee (…) at the end of this date, FIFA, you will become The conditions are clear. You have my commitment,” were some of his sentences.

After a request from CONMEBOL, the Brazilian Federation appealed to the president Jair Bolsonaro This week, it was announced that Brazil would host the Copa America, due to health and political problems in the tournament’s original stadiums, Argentina and Colombia.

Capoclo and Bolsonaro - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Jair Bolsonaro salutes CBF President Rogerio Capoclo in the February 2020 record

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Contact was made between Alejandro Dominguez, the president of CONMEBOL, and Capoclo on Sunday night. At six in the morning on Monday, the president of the Brazilian Confederation began negotiations with Bolsonaro. The discussion did not include the technical part of the selection – players and commission.

The change of venue for the Copa America has sparked a lot of criticism, both within society football South American, as well as Brazilian public figures. In recent days, CONMEBOL announced that Brasilia, Cuiaba, Goiania and Rio de Janeiro will be the new venues for the tournament that will kick off on June 13. Today, the country recorded (3) 2082 new deaths by covid-19 It is approaching the mark of 470,000 deaths.

President Kapoklo was consulted and declined to comment.

On the institutional side of the Brazilian Football Confederation, there is knowledge that Capoclo will need to show skill and face a scenario he has not yet faced. Recent and previous moves to gain support have yet to include a fair skirt within the national team, but It was confined to the political sphere.

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